Dream Bigger!

For a few months now, I’ve been hinting around at something in this blog. Maybe you’ve picked up on it.

I can’t tell you exactly when my desire to land my dream job and my desire to make a difference in the world began to meld together into a bigger, grander plan. The two ideas have been rolling around in my head together for some time now, so the fact that they have merged really isn’t surprising.

This merge may have come to pass because at some point, I wondered if just my wanting to become the Jewish Mother for the Foo Fighters (with whatever duties that job might entail) would be reason enough for them to give me any consideration, when and if I finally had the chance to make my case. My concern was that, were I to meet them, to tell them why I want to work for them, that just my desire to land my dream job would not be enough. “Gee, we’re flattered, but…”

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I would do anything for this band, short of something highly illegal or immoral, and even if such a request were made of me, I’d likely consider the task and then say no, rather than rejecting it outright. I’d happily make the Foo Fighters my life’s work. And even though serving in such a capacity would certainly benefit them and me, would just having me as cook/ assistant/errand girl/confidante be enough for them to consider my offer?

Maybe. But just in case it wasn’t, perhaps I should think of a way to sweeten the deal.

The bonus, if you will, is a product of my Foo-inspired return to higher education. So it only makes sense that there should be some benefit to them if I determine a way to make a difference in the world. I said in the very first edition of this blog that the Foo Fighters have served as my muses all along. But what’s become evident to me is that they have inspired more in me than the creation of this blog.

Working on a master’s degree in Health Studies over the pasts two years has been an eye-opener. There are critical health issues that affect all of us, if not on an immediate or daily basis, then at least peripherally. Things like climate change, population growth, the availability of potable water and safe food, disease pandemics, and poverty and hunger issues. They are not minor problems, and they are not made up by the “liberal media”. These are huge issues, and they are very real and very serious.

If you’re sitting in front of your computer reading this blog, chances are you may not have given much thought to matters such as these, because, like me, you’re not living in an overcrowded slum, or under a bridge. If you are hungry, you’ll go to the kitchen or the vending machine and get something to eat. When you turn on the tap, you can safely drink the water that comes out.

My point here is not to make you feel bad for your good fortune. But you should be aware that there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who don’t enjoy the same benefits that you and I do. Just under 50 million of those people are right here in the good old U.S. of A. And about 16 million of them are children.

There are plenty of problems in the world. And I know better than to think I can fix them all. Maybe I can’t fix any of them, certainly not on any grand scale. Maybe not even on a small scale. But my exposure to these problems has, if nothing else, armed me with the desire and the determination to make a difference in some way.

When I was about a year into my program, and considering what my area of study would be, I considered corporate wellness, as that had always been an interest of mine. But repeated exposure to some of the harsher realities of our world began to have an impact on me. Helping the American workforce get healthy is a noble ambition, but I know now that there are more important matters that demand my attention.

The reality of hunger in America is tragic. We are a wealthy nation with unbelievable resources, and yet millions of citizens continue to go hungry. As I’ve mentioned here before, one in every five children in this country goes to bed hungry every night. This phenomenon, known as food insecurity, affects a child’s ability to learn, to play, and to stay healthy. And these are just the physical consequences. There are profound mental and emotional effects as well.

How would you feel if you didn’t know when you would eat again? Imagine feeling that every day.

The more I researched, the more this idea began to haunt me. I am fortunate to be able to say I’ve never experienced true hunger. My children never have either. But I tried to imagine how it would feel to have that kind of uncertainty in my life on a regular basis. As a mother, just thinking about it breaks my heart. And I know that the mothers of those 16 million children must constantly feel the same heartbreak.

At some point, I knew exactly what difference I needed to make in the world. I needed to feed people. Not just my family and friends. Not just the Foo Fighters, and their families and friends. I needed to find a way to feed those people who couldn’t feed themselves. Who better to do this than me? I’m a Jewish Mother. Feeding people is what I do best.

I’m only one person, however. And feeding the hungry in America is a huge undertaking. I know I can’t do it alone. I can shout to the heavens about this issue, but I’m just one small voice in a deafening roar. How can I make the world hear me? I need a bigger voice, a larger presence. I need to enlist the help of someone or something (a rock band, perhaps) who can reach a wide audience.

I want the Foo Fighters to be that bigger voice. I think they could make a huge difference in this fight.

So there you have it. My dream job, now with a socially relevant bonus. New and improved.

I don’t know exactly when or how or if I can make it all happen, but I have an idea of how to start. Next week, when my semester begins, I’m going to talk with my graduate advisor about taking on a special project as part of my required practicum experience. I’m going to take the steps to create a non-profit organization which will focus on feeding hungry children in America. And the organization I create will have Dave, Chris, Nate, Pat, and Taylor as its ambassadors.

For academic purposes, it will only be hypothetical, just a dream on paper. But who knows? Maybe one day we’ll make it a reality.

Stranger things have happened, I know.


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